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Being one of UK’s leading online stores for washroom services, janitorial supplies, and washroom products, we have a list of solutions stacked in line to keep your home or commercial washrooms top-notch.

With over 30 years of experience in what we do best, we follow the Environmental Protection Act, the Duties of Care and the Workplace Regulations, to provide you products and services, which will keep your business’s washrooms spotless and bacteria free. If you can see it in a washroom, its on our website and available to order securely for fast delivery.

Improving the level of hygiene in your washroom, we make sure that you get the best services possible. Call us anytime at 0845 450 22 11 and ask our customer service team for a quote, or order today to get the best products and services for your washroom!

20,000 Products

Whatever type of clothing you want, you’ll find it in our huge product range. And if you would like some advice in choosing what’s best for you, our expert and friendly staff are ready to help you.

Highly-trained and expert staff

We invest in our people, so all of our staff members are well-trained, very experienced and knowledgeable. So they can get your order completed quickly and accurately, every time.

UK Coverage

We cover the whole of the UK. Please feel free to talk to our expert team about your requirements on 0845 450 22 11 we can usually give you an immediate quote over the phone, with a written email confirmation. Our customer services team are more then happy to help.

Online or phone orders

Secure payment is accepted by credit and debit cards for any orders made. If you make regular large orders please apply for a trade credit account. You can order online or by phoning us on 0845 450 22 11.

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