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Fresh 365 Eco are one of the leading cleaning chemical manufacturers and are also one of the few UK companies to be awarded both the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, and the prestigious ISO 14001 environmental standard. Ideal 365 have always been committed to the industry’s highest environmental standards, not just within its own factory and warehousing, but also with it’s manufactured products. The Fresh 365 Eco range was introduced for those customers looking for selected products balancing minimum environmental impact with maximum efficacy. The Fresh 365 Eco Range is split into two sections

Probiotic Enzyme Range

Fresh 365 Eco includes a range of probiotic based products. Products containing probiotics have seen a vast uplift in recent years. Probiotics work by using eco friendly bacteria to colonise surfaces. Enzymes are then produced which break down organic matters such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. By doing this, these products are able to effectively remove soiling for a long-term cleaning effect and help to eliminate unpleasant odours. Due to the non-corrosive nature of probiotic cleaners, surfaces are not damaged by their regular use.

The key benefits of using probiotic cleaners include cost reductions, health benefits and a reduction in environmental impact. These products use a sustainable source of UK cultivated enzymes which have a minimal environmental footprint. As always, cost effectiveness is key when selecting cleaning products. Once the surfaces are colonised, the bacteria continues to work long after the product is applied. This reduces the volume of product required and, as a result, costly labour time. Bacteria can reach hard to access areas where conventional products would not be as effective, such as in grouting, floor imperfections, grease traps and carpet underlay.

Water Based Range

Fresh 365 Eco represents a revolutionary step in environmental cleaning. These products are powerful, effective and safer than many cleaning chemicals in use. All are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and non-harmful to marine and aquatic life.

Made from plant based, environmentally friendly ingredients to be fully user-friendly and biodegradable, they comply with all the current and forthcoming legislation including EC Detergent Regulation 648/2004 and REACH 1907/2006. There is a product in every area that users are likely to need, from dealing with toilet odours, to maintaining hard floors or cleaning carpets, degreasing hard surfaces, or for simply washing hands, Fresh 365 Eco covers it all.

Fresh 365 ECO Daily Toilet Cleaner 5 Litres

Product Code: 1763/04


SC3 Fresh 365 Eco Foodsafe Ultra Degreaser 2L

Product Code: 2325/20


SC1 Fresh 365 Eco All Surfaces and Floor Cleaner 2L

Product Code: 2327/04


SC6 Fresh 365 Eco Washing Up Liquid 2L

Product Code: 2341/00


SC5 Fresh 365 Eco Toilet Cleaner 2L

Product Code: 2360/26


SC2 Fresh 365 Eco Foodsafe Cleaner and Sanitiser 2L

Product Code: 2362/01


SC4 Fresh 365 Eco Washroom Cleaner and Sanitiser 2L

Product Code: 2363/03


SC8 Fresh 365 Eco Air Freshener and Odour Neutraliser 2L

Product Code: 2364/12


SC7 Fresh 365 Eco Glass and Interior Cleaner 2L

Product Code: 2367/01


Fresh 365 ECO Cherry Maximum Extraction Carpet Cleaner & Deodoriser 5 Litre

Product Code: 6681/10


Fresh 365 Eco Hygiene Lotion Soap 1 Litre

Product Code: ECO-1472/01


Fresh 365 ECO Washing Up Liquid 1 Litre

Product Code: ECO-1643/11


Fresh 365 ECO Floor Maintainer 5 Litres

Product Code: ECO-1715/03


Fresh 365 ECO Lemon Maximum Citrus Floor Gel 5 Litre

Product Code: ECO-1722/01


Fresh 365 ECO Lavender Maximum Floor Gel 5 Litres

Product Code: ECO-1722/02


Fresh 365 ECO Orange Maximum 5 Litres

Product Code: ECO-1727/22


Fresh 365 ECO Washing Up Liquid 5 Litre

Product Code: ECO-1743/11


Fresh 365 ECO Hygiene Lotion Soap 5 Litre

Product Code: ECO-1772/01


Fresh 365 ECO Odour Digester 5 Litre

Product Code: ECO-1798/57


Fresh 365 ECO Grease Trap Maintainer 10 Litre

Product Code: ECO-2298/56


Fresh 365 ECO Biological Urinal Blocks 1.1kg Tub

Product Code: ECO-5091/72


Fresh 365 ECO Lemon Cleanser 5 Litres

Product Code: ECO-6624/04


Fresh ECO 365 Green Maximum Biological Washroom Cleaner 5 Litres

Product Code: ECO-6663/06


Fresh 365 Eco Cranberry Air Freshener 5 Litre

Product Code: ECO-6665/11


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Low Stock Warning

This product is low on stock and therefore may take longer to arrive, you can still order this product by closing this popup (using the x above) and adding your item to the basket again.

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