Odour Neutralisers

Odour Neutralisers

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Selden Bio Freshener Carpet Deodoriser 750ml T032

Biological enzyme carpet deodoriser that penetrates underneath the surface of the carpet to remove t..


Selchem DKS Pear Drops Odour Neutraliser 5 Litre E009

Neutralises offensive odours from offal dumps. Controls sewage farm odours without impairing the nat..


Selden Reosan H.D. Biocidal Odour Control - 5 Litres

Formulated for Industrial and Environmental use. Eradicates offensive odours from tower block refuse..


Selden E076 Odour Neutraliser 5 Litre

Developed as an additive with complete compatibility with Selden extraction shampoos. Powerful bacte..


Selden Biodour-ex Lemon Fragrant Odour Neutraliser - 5 Litres

Biological neutraliser and odour eater. Enzymatic action, natural and effective odour eliminator. Br..