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Selden Selbrite Metallised Polish 5 Litre A005

Metallised polish for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removability. Produces a ..


Selden Minit Gloss Instant Clean & Shine Floor Polish - 5 Litres

Outstanding gloss. Durable finish. Slip resistant. Pleasant fragrance. Non-yellowing. Minit Gloss is..


Selden Selseal Acrylic Base Coat Seal - 5 Litres

Non-yellowing polymer film. Does not discolour even the lightest floor. Penetrates and seals porous ..


Selden Selstat Antistatic Metallised Polish 5 Litre A002

High performance dissipative floor polish. Retains performance even at humidities as low as 11% Inde..